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5 Tips on How to Become an Advertising Talent

Updated: Sep 12

I started in the Marketing, Advertising, Public Relations scene as a talent in my teens. It made great sense to earn pocket money and gain popularity and recognition within the Malaysian market. Through my college, university and professional years in between my life tasks and responsibilities, I managed to continue on and off as a talent. It's great fun, and a good way to make money in between, and show some face. But of course these days we got social media.

If you yourself, or know of someone whom you see as a possible fit in some advertisements out there, here are some of my tips from my experience in the Malaysian market as an advertising talent:


1. Feel fabulous

2. Find your casting agents in your local area, speak to them and find out how the process goes. Different countries may have different processes and regulations, and may include unions.

3. Go in for General Casting to leave your mugshots and videos

4. Smile, show your expressions, be as natural as possible

5. Keep your fingers crossed the talent agency likes you and presents you to their clients!


If you get selected, then off to production shoot you go! Here are some of video ads I've starred in.

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