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Advertisement Shoots & Production

Updated: Sep 12

I first got into the Marketing Communications industry as a teen in college just after school. From pure science background, science started being a drag, and I also needed some extra pocket money to sustain my growing appetite for socializing with friends and enjoying a good time out.

So I tried a few revenue streams to make extra income, but being an advertising talent paid the best and came most naturally.

It was from here that I progressed to studying Mass Communication, and ended up working in advertising agencies and even starring in our own produced commercials.

As a teen I used to think to myself that one day I will be the advertising planning team under the umbrella. Turns out I did, and worked for GREY Malaysia and GREY Singapore.

Photo by Alexander Dummer

So since 18 and moving here and there through the world, I managed to slip in and out of the talent scene from a young kid profile - to teen - to young adult - professional - and most recently in 2015 ish daddy roles. So suited characters also progress with your age and profile.

Nonetheless, the planning in the production of an advertisement is just something else. From doing the Strategy work to come up with the hook that drives the Call to Action, to the Creative Department then churning it into the Advertising Creative Idea, then exploring best channels and adapting the creative idea to suit accordingly, and across different segments and languages.

Check out the video below on how hamburger TV commercials are produced.

Here I share 5 Tips on How to Become an Advertising Talent . Follow us for more.

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