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Emceeing Property Launches - 12 Tips to a Smoother Real Estate Fair

Updated: Sep 12

I have worked for a number of property developers in my years in Public Relations and Advertising Agency Account Management roles, and even when I set up and ran Wunderboom. The list of the Malaysian Developers / Developments are some clients that we have worked with.

Malaysian Developers / Developments

  1. Pavilion KL mall

  2. Fahrenheit88 KL mall

  3. Damen USJ mall

  4. Malton Berhad

  5. Kuala Lumpur Sentral

  6. Sime Darby Malaysia

  7. Worldwide Holdings

  8. Bandar Mutiara Penang

  9. Tropicana Metropark Subang Jaya

  10. Gurney Paragon mall Penang

  11. 1st Avenue Mall Penang

  12. Sunway Hotel, Sunway City

And throughout working with these giants, they have had marketing, advertising, public relations needs across various channels and touch points.

In this article, lets focus on emceeing property events.

Here are 12 Tips to Emcee a Property Fair

Find out about the Development

  1. Have a clear understanding of the geographical location of the land bank

  2. Find out the links of accessibility including highways, train or bus transits in and out of the development

  3. How many phases of Development is the masterplan currently at, and what phase is this launching.

  4. What are the components of the master development plan

  5. What are the products on sale (Bungalows, Apartments, Semi-detached, Townhouse A / B - and what are their dimensions and features.

Find out about the Developer

  1. Buyers would want confidence to trust the workmanship of the property developers. Use the opportunity to highlight key projects and draw success and comparison.

Find out about the Sales Package

  1. Highlight important details in the Sales Package to drive the Call to Action to Book Today and get your Downpayment slashed by 50%! For example.

Find out about the profile of your Property Purchasers

  1. If it a young family crowd, you know that the parents could be looking for their kids to be offloaded for a while in good care of the kids entertainment of the day at the property fair. If well co-organized with the events team, which is likely the ones who would be engaging the emcee.

  2. If it is a yuppy crowd, then perhaps a more sophisticated wine and canapes evening networking session amidst the property launch could be a more suitable angle for the Showcase

  3. Or if the research finds that housewives are the ones driving the purchase decision for the family, then maybe we want to attract the potential home buyers with a Food and Fashion Bazaar by the property development

Get comfortable with the walkthrough of the Showroom

  1. Be the host of the house and properties you are showcasing

Interact with guests and the entertainment and F&B served for the day

  1. And keep everyone entertained and happy for the time that they are there, so that the property sales representatives can zoom in and speak to the potential buyers whilst they are feeling comfortable, rather than with their guards up.

Most importantly, enjoy yourself, ensure the potential home buyers are too, and your clients as well of course. Good luck!

8 Tips on How to Emcee an Event

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