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How to build your Website Information Architecture / Sitemap / Wireframe

Updated: Sep 12

Content Marketing is very important as a benchmark of the quality of your website, but how do we arrange the information and pages in your website so that it makes sense, and becomes seamless to the user?

Within your website, you may have different Buyer Personas, and different Buyer needs according to their needs, and what is relevant to them. So how do we arrange the information?


History and Background of Site mapping

First of all, lets take a look at where site mapping came from. Essentially, it is related to the science of taxonomy. Everything has an order, class and subclass, or children. Carolus Linnaeus developed Aristotle's methodology of classification, and therefore created the first formal system of taxonomy.

So think of it in this chart hierarchy, and sort your information. Here are a couple of basic samples to get you started with, and get your ideas going.

Start with a Wireframe

Once you have your rough idea, map it out on a Website Wireframe, which is essentially the sitemap. You can either draw it out yourself, or if you want to up it to a more professional level, check out Adobe XD CC wire framing and mockup tool for free.

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