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Key Internet Trends (2014 to 2017)

Updated: Sep 12


By device, we can see that there is a boom in mobile smartphone market share, and a reduction on laptops and desktops due to smartphones being handy with us most of the time. However this is also due to the boom in mobile internet, hence the grabbing of the growing market share.


Looking across some key countries above, we see that the global average sits at just 33% in terms of mobile share of web traffic. What is also interesting is that a lot of developing nations towards the left seem to have high mobile penetration, as it is their primary means of connection, as compared to some developed nations that sit on the lower right of the spectrum, likely due to spreading it out across tablets and laptops / digital, as opposed to primarily mobile driven.


Nonetheless, figures point towards a profound increase in mobile share of web traffic in the coming years as demonstrated by incremental trends seen above.

As we see the share of mobile increase, it is also worth noting that many who are not computer savvy, have picked up their smartphones and easily connect to the internet and run their functions there. So this presents a great opportunity in targeting a growing global segment.


Above we see the increase of mobile users correlate with the increase with online spending, specifically in Banners, rich medias, search and video. These are the promising areas where consumers are spending a lot of their time on nowadays, google searching onto websites, social media, listening to music - again thinking of smartphone applications.

So although its all on the internet, but it's worth knowing what people are consuming it with, so we can target the right channel and ad campaign to best suit.

And they are all coming online now, all over the world, with a lot of first access into the internet now driven by mobile. And just by looking around in say Asia or Africa, you will find an explosion of mobile internet usage, even into the deeper village regions. Mass market and beyond within the network of internet connectivity.


n the chart below, we can see that when compared to other traditional mediums, Digital advertising spend is on the increase, with newspapers taking a big hit. This trend would of course correlate to where the traffic is gravitating to.

Some solid reasons below why businesses have increasingly built confidence in Digital Marketing

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