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What is an Example of the Internet of Things

Updated: Oct 18, 2023

The Internet of Things (IoT) is essentially all sorts of items that are connected to the internet, within a network that communicates with each other. The chart above gives an idea of all those things that can be connected by embedding electronics with software, sensors, actuators and connectivity which allows them to communicate with each other on a network, and exchange information and data to actuate and improve certain tasks.

Internet of Things examples
Internet of Things

By 2020, it is estimated that IoT will surpass 30 billion objects, and the global market value at $7.1 trillion. So an extensive amount of things will soon be connected to the internet. Have a look at some of the user applications below:

Consumer application & what is an example of the internet of things?

Smart Home

  • To connect the devices in your homes to a network to communicate with one another to make smart choices (home automation) by communicating with one another; including air conditioners, lights, TV, fans, kitchen appliances, house alarm, pet feeding machine, pet monitor, baby monitor. Also known as domotics.

  • Voice control for users with sight or mobility impairments, and other accessibility functions.


  • Relates to all devices used in a business and corporate settings, including photocopiers, stationery, softwares, utilities, etc. Monitoring each of the devices would increase accountability and management of assets and processes.

  • Consumers and enterprises also get to communicate with one another within the network, improving customer loyalty, feedback, and interaction.

  • Media and promotional tactics can also be deployed through marketing and studying consumer habits and acting on needs that result in purchase behaviour.

Infrastructure Management

  • Bridges, railway tracks, light bulbs, cctv cameras, flood control, weather management, etc.

  • Scheduling of repairs in a more efficient manner, tracking staff and productivity, etc.

  • Manufacturing - connecting machinery, assets, and process control within the network for smart intelligent decisions.

  • Agriculture management - by creating wireless sensors that can help manage the crops through tracking temperature, wind speed, rainfall, humidity, sun light, pests, soil nutrition and other key information to manage the appropriate action to maximise yields, and reduce wastage in unnecessary applications.

  • Real time Disaster and weather alerts

Medical and Healthcare

  • Health devices that can monitor your health, improve the way healthcare centres interact with patients, in a seamless manner, so when you get to the hospital, you don't have to struggle remembering your allergies and other details, it is all in the network, and monitored by your IoT devices and reported.

The opportunities for what is an example of the Internet of Things are endless. We are certainly in store for a another technological leap ahead. Get ready to power up and connect to the Matrix Grid.

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