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What is the importance of Keywords in Search Engine Optimization (SEO)?

Updated: Sep 12

1. Your readers / audience

  • To captivate your targets so that you can convert them into the intended behaviour, whether it is purchase, or signing up, etc. The main reason why you set your website up to communicate with the marketplace / communities.

2. Search Engines (including bots / spiders / crawlers)

  • To reach out to them as they are like the librarians of the Search Engine Library - who go out there to find what books there are, index them and arrange the website publications in order, so that when someone comes in looking for a certain topic or need to be pointed to, the librarian can easily reference the right material to the user. So in similar fashion in Search Engine Optimization, or SEO for short, the need to grab attention from the 'librarians' is key to being found by users.


So how do these 'librarians' which are the spiders / crawlers / bots that go through the whole indexing to match user or your query with these?

How Indexing Works

Imagine you were Google's 'librarian' and had to sort everyone's websites and webpages out. How would you get it done?

So this is what you do as the Google spider / crawler:

  1. You ask everyone to ensure that each book comes with Keywords, which is clearly labelled in various places of the book (i.e.: website) so that you know where the sort it in the library.

  2. So if it is a book on Indian cuisine, you would want keywords that reflect that, then you sort it in the appropriate library section.

  3. Then when someone comes to ask you about Indian cuisine, you go back to the same section and pull it out for the user request to best match their needs.

It is in similar concept how Search Engine Indexing works. 

Check out the short video below to bring a bit more depth into the librarian - search engine analogy.

Now that you have an idea what Keywords are in Digital Marketing, next, lets take a look at 


Drawing up your SEO keywords. Follow for more short bites on Digital Marketing.

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