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7 Key Principles & Tips to Website Design - Zooming in on the crucial areas

Updated: Sep 12

For those who are looking at building your own website, sometimes you can get a little engrossed in the area of your interest. For example if you are a creative designer, you may want to be focused on the design aspect of it. Whereas if you are a functional person, you may think of the architecture of your website without looking enough into design.


1.  Content

  • Content Marketing is key to driving your website. New, fresh, relevant content - to drive your online marketing strategy

2.  Usability

  • Ensure that the customer journey is aligned with your planned Online Marketing Strategy

  • Focus on content & utility over graphics

  • Ensure that you conduct Usability Testing to gain insights for improvement and gauging.

3.  Consistency

  • Tone of voice

  • Buyer persona attention maintenance

  • Design

  • Reliability

  • Brand

  • Service

4.  Speed

  • Optimal and responsive

5.  Navigation

  • Architecture of information (primary, secondary / menus and submenus)

  • Internal and External linking

  • Seamless navigation, easy, clear, intuitive

  • Leading the customer successfully through your Online Marketing Strategy

  • Navigation filters


6.  Interactivity

  • Pictures, Charts, Videos

  • Content, Forms, Applications / Widgets

  • Online Chat

  • Feedback (ratings, reviews, comments, forums, ask a question)

  • Social Media

  • Surveys and Polls

  • Contests

  • Downloads

  • Gamification

7.  Visual Design

  1. Aesthetically attractive to the Buyer Personas identified in the Online Marketing Strategy

  2. Typography

  3. Brand Corporate Identity

  4. White space helps readers scan and avoids overload

Here's another take on it:

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