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Content is King - Search Engine Marketing SEO Best Practices

Updated: Sep 12

Why content creation matters

When the Search Engine matches the user search query with your website, you want to capture the user and have them stay on your webpage and explore further into other pages of your website, something you want to optimize during your SEO exercises. The last thing you want visitors to do is have one quick look and hit the back button. That would be a bounce, and the percentage of visitors who leave compared against those who continue on browsing would lead to you to your Website Bounce Rate.

Search Engines, which are in the business of advertising, therefore wants to satisfy it's customers and match users so that they keep coming back. Hence search engines don't like high bounce rates either. So fresh content is very important. For example, one of the reasons we keep going back all the time to Facebook, Twitter or LinkedIn, is that there is always fresh content, and relevant to us as we select the content creators to feed from. So what keeps people reading and coming to you is your content, and what gets people to your page is your unique content that links out to relevant additional resources, whilst others link in from other sites. Having high-quality and unique content send strong signals to Search Engines and it affects the improvement of your Search Engine Ranking, therefore it makes sense now that Content is King in Search Engine Optimization. So  by continuously pushing content out, you are working in keywords into your On-Page Elements, creating information on the solutions for your customers needs, linking throughout your website and backlinking, you will be sending out positive signals to Search Engine algorithms, and increase your Search Engine Optimization, which in the end is your goal to get yourself noticed in the intertwine of the world wide web marketplace.

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Solid Reasons why Content is King, and why you should keep pushing it out

With Search Engine Optimization in mind, and the knowledge how search engine algorithms work, the conclusion is that increasing the amount of high-quality unique content to your website or blog has positive influences on search engine rankings.

It  Boosts your SEO

Publish about 500-1000 words at least once a week of original fresh and relevant content

It increases Traffic

Research has shows that increasing content correlates with an increase in organic traffic to your website - matched by the search engine to user query as opposed to a pay per click PPC. Good content also encourages visitors to continue through your other webpages.

It attracts Customers to interact with you

The whole idea of putting yourself out there is to be noticed, and in the end interact with you some way or another, whether it is through comments, query, or purchase intent.


If you are looking for best practices for your website or blog, and want to keep it healthy, and continuously build upon your Search Engine Optimization (SEO),  then you should push content out consistently, keeping up with your competition with speed and attractive content. Follow us for more on Digital Marketing, meanwhile check the video out for tips on how to write content for SEO.

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