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How to Create a Marketing Content Calendar

Updated: Oct 20, 2023

Exploring a Template of a Seafood Restaurant and a Fashion Departmental Store

Starting with the basics, here we have a simple marketing plan skeleton for one of my clients, a Seafood Restaurant. Read on to find out how to create a marketing content calendar for your clients.

Seafood Restaurant Marketing Calendar sample
Seafood Restaurant Marketing Calendar sample

So what really makes or breaks businesses? It's the peaks and troughs. It's also how you tap on the high times, and see how you can scrape through the low periods. Throughout the year, you will see that where you operate, there would be trends in how consumers spend. Say it is just after payday, and you are a bar, you know lots of people would be looking to letting off some steam and spending some good cash to chillout.

How to create a Marketing Content Calendar

So once you map those peaks out, like school holidays, public holidays - which are times where naturally consumerism rises (but of course depending on your business, if you're B2B then that's another story altogether) - you would be able to map out when you can cash in on certain target markets, and work out relevant promotions for that target.

In the Marketing Calendar, you can see that with the key information according to timeline now, you can start dreaming of what theme is suitable for that time. Sometimes we all get so busy cracking on ideas. But sometimes it is so straightforward, like for example December for Christmas and New Year!

So 'themes' are where you choose the theme of the month or period. Then you can see how your Visual Merchandising, decoration, energy and feel of your marketing collaterals.

Then it pretty much flows down to the means of communication between your organisation and the consumers you are trying to reach out to. Some of the ways that can be utilised are your own in-house collaterals - like in the instance of the seafood restaurant, it would be their menus and restaurant boards. Advertising, using public relations to engage either media for coverage, or stakeholders like potential clients or customers.

Collaborations are also an important consideration in business marketing. Benefits can also include tapping on the other businesses market, leveraging off each other and building on a more comprehensive solution to consumers, working together, sometimes works, sometimes we say I got other things to do. However always have it there as there may be times where some tie-ups may very well be gold.

The Marketing Calendar below is a filled out marketing plan which was executed for a Japanese themed Departmental store and lifestyle centre, which we ran under the owner of the mall to drive traffic throughout. As a team, we would plan the months ahead, and put things into pipeline to ensure that all areas are covered in preparation for execution on the mall floor.

Marketing Content calendar for Parkamaya fahrenheit88 mall
Marketing Content calendar for Parkamaya fahrenheit88 mall

Inevitably, when you run a mall, marketing bottom line is bringing in the numbers... of people who want to spend and throng the malls customers - it's tenants. So as you see, marketing can get a little deeper, more than what meets the eye. A mall's marketing team would create marketing events to bring in people, however their customers are really the tenants of the mall. This proves that there is an environment that businesses operate around, which makes it important to list those affecting factors in your Marketing Calendar.

I hope I helped share some information on Marketing Planning and How to build a Marketing Calendar. If you do need assistance, do think of getting in touch.

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