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Do You Talk More Than You Listen? - how to host a social event

Updated: Oct 20, 2023

Many of us are guilty of doing so. After we load ourselves with so many thoughts and problems in our head through the day, we definitely look for a place to release that piece of information, share it with someone, see what they think, whether you are aligned with them or not. Or perhaps you want to let everyone in on your life, what's so great about it. And when it comes to your work, you tend to be the more opinionated one, always there to share the thoughts of that magnificent brain you have. So what is a good balance? How to host a social event?

Kesh Sandhu hosting an ambi pur event
Kesh Sandhu hosting an ambi pur event

"But wait a second.... just .... just stop talking for a second please... can... can you.... hello?"

Don't let your colleagues and friends suffer the fate of a one-way relationship. It's hard to take in more than you give sometimes, but the other party would surely appreciate you a lot more. Take it from Sir Richard Branson, who is an avid listener, and loves to listen to his employees and people he comes across. Now that says something about a big man doesn't it. And we're all sure he has exciting stories to tell, from his crazy adventures to his thriving multi-businesses.

Can't be that hard right.... give it a try. Ask more than you tell, and sit back and listen. As the impatience grows to speak and cut in, stop yourself, slap yourself on the wrist.

Kesh Sandhu emceeing at f88mall KL
Kesh Sandhu emceeing at f88mall KL
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