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What is Native Advertising? - A closer look at how Advertorials have morphed in the Digital age

Updated: Sep 12

Native Advertising is essentially Advertorial, that may appear as editorials, or sit and blend in together with relevant editorials. We will take a closer look later in the article where these blend ins are on the digital sphere. Perhaps you never really noticed them, or you did. But first, let's take a look at the Guinness Guide to Cheese below. If say you flip a magazine and come across this page, it could easily be mistaken as an editorial on cheese. But in actual fact, it is a masked advertisement in an editorial form, but of course when we look at this example in this day and age, it could be obvious to us that it is an advertorial as opposed to an editorial. But let's see if your eye is keen on the differentiation on the digital sphere.


In the Buzz Feed article below, you could be lured in by what they call 'Clickbait', which is basically something that makes you curious to click in to see what the fuss is about. So sifting through your websites or social media and suddenly you see the title below, and think no way, what photos are those. And then when you get in there is a crazy photo with a Taco Bell stuffed somewhere, and then gets you to share that crazy photo. But that would be you as a consumer interacting with the advertiser in a Native Advertising format. In a way that they know gets you ticked and going to share and push their goal, in this case likely brand and product awareness.


And then you scan through your favourite Business Insider articles and you come across a title that reads like the one below, and click on to read the article, and get impressed. Were you aware that it is an advertorial by UPS? When scanning through quickly, one may not realise and take clear notice of it.


The example below shows how within articles, one of it is an advertisement by Emirates and Loft. So don't forget to keep those eyes peeled, the ads are not just up in banners and pop-ups anymore, they're all over the place.


Another Buzz Feed example here. The titles are written in ways that make you think it's an editorial. Always inspect for the 'Promoted', 'Ad', or Sponsor' buttons.


A study by Digital analyst BrightEdge in 2014 shows that 51% of all website visitors for B2B and B2C businesses come from Organic Search, rather that PPC. But we may see the trends changing, with more Native Advertising around.

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